Monday, November 1, 2010


The official start of NaNoWriMo has finally arrived! I know some of you stayed up until midnight to start writing at 00:01. I wish I could have done that. Sadly, with work in the morning I needed to get to bed well before midnight. I will be typing away tonight when I get home from work. My random number generator/Nano word tracker will tell me how many words I need to write. It will be at least 1667 but could be up as high as 2000. If I’m dong well after the first week I might change the upper limit to something higher.

I’ve got the first twelve or thirteen scenes plotted out so I should be able to keep a steady pace for a while. I will have to plot out some more scenes this week so I can keep whatever momentum I have going.

If there are any other Guelph Wrimos out there who want to have their status bars included in the sidebar please send me an email through the contact form on my website. The URL is imbedded in my name below. I’ve already received one request and I know there are more of you out there.

So did you stay up to midnight to start writing? If not when will you start writing?

Happy writing!



Anonymous said...

I was up at midnight, but I didn't start writing until I got up this morning as I wanted it to start properly, not with a tired flourish before I went bed. I tend to think of days as periods between sleeps rather than dictated by the clock.

- Nicholas Daniel

litchick89 said...

I stayed up until 2am, got 1948 words, and then got up at 7:30! I think I'll be going to bed early tonight, but I got a few opportunities to write during the day so my customary power through the first week is off to a good start!

Cephy said...

I'm in the same boat as you-- my alarm goes off at 6am, which means I should be in bed long before midnight. Curse this 'work' thing for getting in the way of our novelling!

Cindy Carroll said...

Nicholas, thanks for stopping by. I think of days that way too. I hope you got a good word count in.

Wow, litchick89. If I went to bed at 2AM I'd be sleeping until at least 10. WTG on the word count.

Cephy, work does get in the way of the writing. Wish it didn't. One of these days the writing will be the work.

Jessica said...

I was up and wide awake at midnight, the start of NaNo. Unfortunately, I was at work, so despite the wakefulness, I wasn't actually able to start writing until I got home at 8am. Working nights means that my sense of days is also completely messed up: I go to work on one day, and come home another, even though it's a single shift. I really hope that doesn't mess me up come the end of NaNo.

Cindy Carroll said...

Jessica, I hope it doesn't affect your NaNo either. I've never worked shift work but my sister has. It can be tough. Good luck with your word counts!

litchick89 said...

I have three midterms in the next couple weeks, plus two labs and a handful of assignments, so I'm trying to get ahead in case I don't have any time later on in the month. I think I have an advantage in that I don't have set hours to work every day though!