Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Been a Little Crazy But...

Hey everyone who's still checking the forum, pining, like me, for NaNo (and thanks for the countdown to NaNo 09!!)

I am looking for volunteers to be on the Carousel Magazine fiction selection committee. Carousel is a literary journal, publishing short fiction and poetry that is submitted by writers across Canada and sometimes from other exotic places (this semester we have one from Ireland, one form the UAE and a translation from Poland!!). This is where the committee comes in. I am looking for interested parties to read through these mountains of submissions with me and select five or six out of the sixty or so that we read each semester to pass on to our Editor-in-Chief so that he can make the final decision on which ones to publish. We meet once a week from 5:30pm to 7:00pm on Tuesdays, this semester.

Carousel comes out once a semester, so semi-annually, and is quite a polished magazine. For submission guidelines (if you're interested in submitting) you can look at the Carousel website:

We used to meet in the Carousel office on campus in the University Centre, room number 274 (we share the room with T@GSA, and their markings on the door are more prominant) but this semester our meetings clashed so we, the fiction committee, will be meeting in Mackinnon room 232 instead. Feel free to drop by during the meetings, no warning is necessary, and I'd love to see some people out there.

I hope to see some beloved WriMo's out there next semester!

Elizabeth ( -- feel free to drop me a line!)

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