Monday, November 3, 2008

Early Leaders

The word count stats in the sidebar of our blog -- when they're able to load at all -- show that a number of Guelph Wrimos got off to a great start this weekend. litchick89 is leading the way at this point with a whopping 14,068 words (I wonder if she'll share her secret) but everyone who's managed to get their word count stats to update looks to be doing well -- right on target or ahead of the game through the first weekend.

Others of you out there, I know, are writing furiously away but have not updated your word count score yet. If you've been having trouble accessing the NaNo site in order to do so, rest assured that things will get better. The site is traditionally slow as molasses in January during the first few days of NaNo, but then traffic calms down and performance improves.

There are also fluctuations in traffic volume throughout the day. Late evenings for us, when the whole of North America is accessing the site, tend to be the worst times. If you can, try to update your word count first thing in the morning, when the west coasters are still in bed and the Europeans all at work. You'll probably find things flow a little better at that hour.


Terrence said...

I got to a slow start. We had a death in the family and the funeral was on Saturday so I didn't get anything done then. I'm starting to get caught up not though.

Laura Rainbow Dragon said...

Hi Terry,

I'm sorry for your loss. I can certainly see how NaNo wasn't able to happen for you last weekend.

It's good to see your word count rising now, though. The beautiful thing about this year (at least for those of us with Monday - Friday type schedules) is that November has a full five weekends. That first weekend was a nice bonus for those of us who were able to get writing and make good use of it, but for others like yourself who didn't get started on the weekend for one reason or another, there's still plenty of time left.

Sandra Regina said...

I found a good trick to being able to write again the next day is to leave with the next scene unwritten. Sure, you might squeeze out a few more words for the day, but then the next day you've got nowhere to start from unless you got lucky with a blinding stroke of plot in the middle of the night. Which never happens to me.
The last two days I haven't written a thing, as prior comittments have eaten up my evenings past all hope. But I left myself a place to go to on Monday night, and so I'm very eager to jump back in tonight. And eager is good for my wordcount. :)

Sandra Regina said...

Also, Terrance, my sympathies to your family.

Terrence said...

Thanks all for the best wishes.

Sandra, me personally I like finishing my scene. I however write from a plan so I know where I'm picking up from. I find a plan help a lot. That way you don't get stuck by the what's next question.