Sunday, November 9, 2008

Write-In Next Saturday

Judging by the comments at yesterday's write-in and the soaring word count meters in the side bar of our blog, I have to conclude that yesterday's write-in at Williams was highly productive for everyone who attended. Add to that the fact that the Williams staff were uber helpful in reserving seats for us and assisting with getting our tech set up, and we have a recipe for success. So...

We're planning on meeting there again next weekend:

Saturday, November 15th
2:00 p.m. @ Williams Coffee Pub
Edinburgh Marketplace

If you plan on joining us, please give a shout out with a comment to this post, so I'll know how many seats to reserve.

Keep up the great work everyone!


JCScott said...

I will definitely be there-- yesterday's write-in was fantastic, and I wish I'd been able to stay longer. Looking forward to next week!

meaghan said...

I haven't been out to any events yet, as I've had to deal with first year midterms... I have a midterm Saturday until 3, but I'd like to stop by. How late will the event run? [My NaNo username is Untamed Shrew, just for the record...]

Laura Rainbow Dragon said...

Hi Meaghan,

Last weekend some of us were there till five, so definitely stop by and say hello. Best of luck with your midterm.

Sandra Regina said...

Since it was so wonderfully productive I am definitely interested in coming again.