Friday, November 28, 2008

Party Planning

As the clock slowly but inevitably counts down to the final days of November, and Wrimo status bars the world over start to turn purple, it's time to start thinking about what we want to do for a TGIO party here in Guelph.

Some questions to consider:

1. When do we want to have the party?

Saturday afternoons have been working well for our write-ins, but not everyone is able to come out at that time. Plus, the first Saturday in December is the 6th this year, which is perhaps a day on which many of us are not in a partying mood. Week nights are out for me next week except for Wednesday (December 3rd). How about Sunday, December 7th? Afternoon or evening?

2. Where do we want to have the party?

Back at our old standby, Williams, or someplace that serves alcohol and/or a full menu? Or do we want to party in a private venue? (That would give us a little more space and perhaps be more conducive to mingling.) I am happy to host, assuming the party is at a time when I'm available to do so.

3. Do we want to have a theme for the party?

(Other than generally being thankful that November is over, that is.)
Do we want to read excerpts from our stories? Play group-writing games? Do something totally non-writing related? Dress like Vikings? Wear purple? Anything else?

Weigh in here with your thoughts.


litchick89 said...

Busses stop running at 6:00ish on Sundays, so I'll be chained to that sort of a leaving time if the party happens then. That's about my only thought, besides being sooo excited and happy that I survived!!! :D:D

Ruth Cooke said...

Sunday afternoon would work best for me. Congrats to all who wrote anything at all this month!

JCScott said...

I would definitely be up for doing something on Sunday. And while dressing like a viking has much appeal, I think I'll pass on reading my novel excerpts-- trust me, it's better that way for us all. ;)